Cais da Fontinha Cais da Fontinha Cais da Fontinha Cais da Fontinha Cais da Fontinha

The Project

Located in the left Douro riverbank the Cais da Fontinha Condominium is presented as being one of the most exclusive ventures of that area, facing Oporto’s amphitheater.

Historyand Memories

The Cais da Fontinha is located at the bottom slope of Gaia’s Castle.
On this matter, João de Barros, João III King’s Chamber registrar, wrote: “… hereby stands Gaia’s Castle located in a very high and pleasurable place (…). It is so antique that it is said that Caio Julio Cesar founded it.” The Castle is historically linked to the development of the Roman ancient population of CALE and, also, of another one, founded by the bottom hill, banking with the Douro’s water, to which the name Gaia was given.
After centuries of naval buzz, there were following decades of abandonment by relocating the Douro’s port activity, from Ribeiras do Porto and Gaia to the Customs House and, from there to the modern Leixoes Port. The houses and the big warehouses of Gaia’s bank were left behind, more isolated and bucolic, protected from the urban development due to the steep slope and the luxurious vegetation.

The Venture

Its apartments and office spaces, all different, represented an immense challenge to fit the preexisting construction. Beside the main façade walls, many of the interior walls and arcades also remained in stone and part of the structure is still currently built in wood.

The Cais da Fontinha venture recovered a set of warehouses and residential buildings, keeping the traditional aesthetics to inaugurate now a modern concept, urban, of quality and exceptional architectural design, in deep merger with the surrounding nature and history.
The 22 dwellings, with unique and individual characteristics, fit the typologies from 0 beds to 3. There are also six spaces destined to offices and services, with areas between 75,5 and 315 m2.

Cais da Fontinha was designed to people who, really, are in search for a remarkable and special place to live or work.

Venture data

Localization: Gaia, Riberinha Area.
Project: Conversion of old empty warehouses in a referenced residential and trade offices and services venture. Typologies: From 0 beds to 3 beds
Dwellings: 22
Trade and servisse offices: 6
Parking spaces: 42
Promoter: SOARTA, Sociedade Imobiliária Soares da Costa S.A.
Architecture: A.BURMESTER, Arquitectos Associados, Lda.
Construction: CONTACTO, Soc. de Construção S.A.